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54 Cards with Angelic Artwork

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$25 per deck

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About The Akashic Librarian

As a reference librarian, I learned to find knowledge and information with traditional resources.

In writing this book, I intended to help others understand their spiritual growth, even during their biggest challenges.

During my spiritual journey, I discovered the Akashic Records, a universal library of wisdom and understanding, and this treasure reignited my curiosity. I began to see that the true meaning of my life was always within me.

With guidance from my angels and spirit guides, I discovered my soul's purpose and became a visionary artist, healer, and intuitive Akashic researcher/ healer.

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More about the Akashic Records

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energy healing

Reiki-Energy Healing Sessions

$100 hour

Since 2003, I've worked as a yoga teacher and am passionate about sharing various techniques to relieve stress and promote relaxation.

In 2011, I became a certified reiki master and energy healer, and I've since expanded my knowledge to include hypnotherapy and intuitive development.

As an Akashic Record Intuitive and Past Life/BQHH Hypnotherapist, I use these modalities to help release emotions that stem from past-life trauma. I offer a range of sessions that can be customized to your unique needs by combining different modalities. Here are some examples of the sessions I provide.

Faith of Christian Concept: Spiritual Prayer Hands over Sun Shin

hypnosis & Akashic Services

Faith of Christian Concept: Spiritual Prayer Hands over Sun Shin

Akashic Intuitive Reading

In this hour-long intuitive reading,

the Akashic Records are accessed to provide information about your past, present, and future possibilities.

$100/ one hour

$60/ 30 minutes

Remote sessions are available.

Librate with an pendulum over the hand, healing or oracle foretelling, candles, runes and healing stones

Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Tap into the healing power of your Higher Self and delve deeper into your soul's past.

Allow 2.5 - 3.0 hours for this hypnosis session.


Remote sessions are available.

house clearing

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Prepare Your Home for Sale


Clear Negative Energy

$100/ one hour

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"I met Cecelia several years ago at a health fair at UNCW, and since then, she has been a regular guest speaker for my Creating Happiness & Well-being course at UNCW.

In addition to her positive energy and creativity, she teaches students how to apply anxiety-reducing techniques to their everyday lives."

- Marsha Todd

Cecelia confirmed that my house in Southport, NC, would sell in Spring 2017. She mentioned several things I could do to make the home more energetically desirable, and she conducted a ceremony for the quick sale of my house.

My house had been for sale for over a year with no offers. I did what Cecelia suggested, and the house sold immediately on Easter weekend.

- Charles Hess

"I have been a client of Cecelia’s for four years and have received her yoga classes, reiki, and past life sessions. She is a devoted and caring practitioner and has been paramount in my path to whole health."

- Louise Desimone

"Miraculous experience Cecelia!

This (BQH) was a wonderful healing experience.

​I am lighter in my heart and hope my purpose and relationships will become clearer.

I definitely felt an angelic presence around me and in me. I love- love the Angel drawings."

- Cheryl M.

text: 908-240-7938

Wilmington, NC location

"I had a Quantum Hypnosis session with Cecelia the other day. It was so lifting and healing; she could answer questions I have had for years and heal traumas I have had in both this life and the past. How do I know this? Because things that have weighed on me for years seem at rest now. Not everything but a lot.

I recommend reaching out to her and just conversing with her. Her knowledge and spirituality will amaze you. I promise."

-Jim Binion


I’ve known Cecelia, a powerful healer, for nearly a decade, and I wholeheartedly recommend her.

Her "Angel Healing" invokes a profound state of calming and refreshing spiritual bliss which often lasts for days afterward."

-Nancy S.

about cecelia

In September 2001, I was happy and content as a reference librarian, housewife, and mother. I lived in New Jersey and was married to a prominent attorney. Suddenly, I learned that my perceived peaceful life had just crashed! I filed for divorce, my daughter moved away to college, and my mother passed within a few weeks. I had my own 911 experience.

Some might call this series of events a Dark Night of the Soul. Slowly, I found my way out of this trauma into the light of healing. With each helpful modality I discovered, I wanted to share and eventually master. Today I am a visionary artist, energy healer, hypnotherapist, author, and public speaker.

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Academic and Professional Experience

Graduate of Mary Baldwin College, BA in Art History, minor in Psychology

Graduate of Rutgers University, MLS (Masters in Library Science)

Over 25 years as a professional librarian

Healing Arts Training

Certified yoga instructor (200 hours) with additional training in

Thai Yoga and Reflexology certifications.

Reiki Master, Usui/Tibetan System

Transitional Healer Certification

Certified  Hypnotist, National Guild of Hypnotists

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy, Edgar Cayce A.R.E

Certified Beyond Quantum Hypnosis Practioner

Advanced Akashic Records Practitioner Certification

Certified Akashic Teacher with Light Leaders Academy